Published: October 4, 2016

8 Pillars of Self-Esteem Part 4 – Accountability

Accountability is the word that is rarely used these days.  In a climate where everyone is blaming other people for everything, martial arts teaches students to be accountable for their actions. Every action in life has a consequence whether negative or positive.  The great thing about ATA Martial Arts is that you are joining a family that helps to hold each other accountable toward goals.

The majority of people who start a fitness goal fail because they try to do it by themselves with no outside help.  Even though taekwondo is an individual sport, the whole school is accountable for each other.  Martial Artists work together to achieve our own goals, while also supporting the goals of others.  By encouraging each other in the dojo, everyone can achieve.

accountabilityMartial arts, such as Sulphur Springs ATA, are best when shared with friends and family members.  The friends we make in class truly are there to support, and to hold accountable.  Come see how ATA can help you or your children achieve more.  Fill out the form below to receive your first month for only $49 with a FREE Uniform included and no long-term contracts.  Please feel free to call 903-243-8767 with any questions.