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FREE Bully Prevention Open House

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Serious bullying impacts 1 out of 3 of your kids.

• Teachers only catch 5% of bullying behavior in typical schools!

• Bullying leads to other problems. – 60% of kids who were bullies were convicted of a felony before the age of 25! Of course being bullied leads to  other potential problems – like anxiety, depression, suicidal thought, physical ailments, and lower academic achievement.

Join us for this FREE and open to the public event!  We will show you some non-violent ways to deal with the bullying issue and help your children stand up for those who are being affected by bullies.  Fill out the form above or call 903-243-8767 to register for your free space!

Open to all school-age students of Sulphur Springs, Cumby, Saltillo, Miller Grove, Emory, North Hopkins, Hopkins County, Rains County, and anyone who is interested in helping to stop the bullying epidemic!