Published: April 8, 2018

Martial Arts and Testing Preparation

Parents and students: As we head into this year’s high stakes standardized testing, we have just one thing to say.


We are not afraid of high stakes testing…. We break boards in front of Master judges. We spar people who want to kick us in the head. We stand alone and do our forms by ourselves to test. Testing is not a scary thing, it’s what a martial artist does.

We will be open with regular classes all during the STARR process. We highly recommend that you allow your child to maintain as normal a schedule as possible, including coming to class. Make sure your child goes to bed at their normal time, then has a good healthy breakfast in the morning. Keeping your child from class could actually have a counter effect that increases the stress level of the tests.

As a teacher myself, I understand the pressure that schools face to have great results on the STARR test. I have every confidence that our students are uniquely prepared to face whatever Pearson Education can throw at them. So, I say to you, Sulphur Springs ATA students, go and kick some… test! See you in class!

Mr. Bilyeu (Taekwondo Instructor and Teacher at Saltillo ISD)

Published: April 8, 2018

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