Martial Arts


We are taking the steps needed to create a safe space for all of our students. Find the program that best fits your needs. We are here to help you with the next step of your journey!

ATA Tigers

High-energy, fun, safe martial arts for our youngest students.

As a Sulphur Springs ATA Tiger, your student will learn the basics of Songahm Taekwondo in a fast paced class specially designed for their fun age. Each rank level teaches a new life lesson using fun characters from story books. In addition to learning Taekwondo basics, ATA Tigers also learn important Life Skills such as Honesty, Courtesy, Perseverance, and Self Esteem.

Karate 4 Kids

Help your child learn martial arts, stand up to bullies, practice self-defense, and stay physically fit in a safe and fun environment.

Karate for Kids classes at Sulphur Springs ATA Martial Arts are a great way to develop respect and courtesy in children in the Hopkins County area.  In our safe, fun-filled school, children are taught martial arts and self-defense by fully certified and background checked ATA Instructors.

Teens & Adults

Our teens and adult martial arts classes at Sulphur Springs ATA Martial Arts not only will help you get fit, but also equip you with the self-defense tools that every person should know.  Our karate workouts will give you the total package of strength training, stress relief, and flexibility training.  Combining modern training with ancient taekwondo techniques, you will get a great workout while having fun at the same time.  Our martial arts classes are proven to give a great cardio based fat burning workout!

Ladies Self Defense

The National Institute of Justice says that when a women fights back, they are 80% less likely to be assaulted or raped.  Do you have the skills to fight back?

We can come to your church, civic group, or sorority. You’ll receive top education from certified Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention (SHARP) instructors.  Simply fill out this form and we will contact you to set up the class.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga classes at Sulphur Springs ATA Martial Arts provide self-defense training for students of all experience levels, shapes, and sizes.  Everyone can benefit from this training!  Studying Krav Maga is a fun, effective way to stay in shape, increase focus and speed, and learn to defend yourself. You will make great friends in the process as well.  Course curriculum provides students with high quality, internationally approved practical concepts, from the novice to advanced levels.

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