Published: January 4, 2017

Setting SMART Goals for 2017 Part 1

As we begin this new year, many people use this time to set goals for themselves that they hope to accomplish in the new year.  According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology, half of Americans make a resolution each year.  The top resolutions are weight loss, exercise, managing money, and ending bad habits (such as smoking.) Unfortunately, the statistics also tell us that between 81 to 92% of resolutions fail by the end of the year.

Here at ATA Martial Arts, we stand ready to help you achieve your goals.  One of the main reasons why resolutions fail is that we often set goals without truly understanding what it will take to accomplish the mission.  A resolution such as weight loss and exercise are extremely difficult to accomplish without help. Enrolling in a group activity such as our Teens/Adult Class or our Warrior X-FIT kickboxing class will give you the workout with the accountability to keep you on track.

The best way to set a goal is to make sure that it is what we call a SMART Goal.

  1. Specific – Set a definite goal
  2. Motivating – make sure the goal gives you an exciting reward
  3. Achievable – set a goal that can be accomplished under normal circumstances
  4. Relevant – This goal must mean something to you and you alone.
  5. Trackable – The goal must have a time limit and be able to be tracked.

For the next 5 days, we will show how to set SMART Goals together.