Published: January 7, 2018

The Way of the Master January – Honor

A simple definition of honor is integrity, respect, dignity. A person who has honor has integrity, that is, doing the right thing even if no one is looking. A person who has honor treats others with respect; that is, manners and kindness. A person with honor has dignity and I believe this is the hardest part of honor to define. Dignity is defined as being formal, being worthy of honor, or title. 

The word honor is used in many different ways. The Bible commands its followers to “honor thy father and mother.” Meaning to show respect and to obey. If you honor someone you uphold them in high esteem. You value their opinion and deem them worthy of giving good council. In law, we refer to our judges as “honorable.” That is a person of high moral character.

Some people claim to “defend their honor.” But I believe these people misunderstand the word honor. What they mean is ego, or pride. They have been insulted and feel the need for retaliation. This is not honor, this is ego or pride. A person with honor would ignore the insult, seek no retaliation, and be civil to the offender. That person would have integrity, respect, and dignity- in other words, honor.

It is important that am ATA person have honor. Honor as in integrity- following the rules and traditions of the ATA. Honor as in respect- treating juniors and seniors with respect. Finally, honor as in dignity- we should strive to be worthy of the title of Master, a person of high moral character. If we, as Masters- or leaders of the organization strive to live with honor, it will pass down from the leaders to the students which is what Eternal Grand Master dreamed of.

Published: January 7, 2018

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